Under Appreciated Movies – 1

I would’ve made a list about books instead but who really reads these days?! Not me anyway. And this is a response of sorts to G.I.ant’s post. He got a few things right, like Miller’s Crossing, City of God and Lone Star. How someone with usually impeccable taste can get anything wrong on a diminutive list like that has us scratching our shiny shell-like pates. But we’re not fascists at tired ant; we’re not about forcing others to think the “correct” way. They’ll get there eventually! ;) Here’s what you should be watching (again, if applicable) on a Saturday night when you prefer a little alternate reality. A mix of terrific entertainment and some artsy-fartsy shit to elevate your filmic vocabulary. Yeah, an arbitrary list, in other words. Maybe when I’m not so tired I’ll actually comment substantially on each flick. Don’t count on it. —tired ant

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My Man Godfrey – they don’t make ‘em like they used to. “sniff”

Election – hey it’s American politics in microcosm with Reese Witherspoon playing the part of a much smarter Sarah Palin!

Searching for Bobby Fischer – watch a Civil Action also. Zaillian’s a smart cat. I mean, ant.

The Prestige – a movie with Bowie playing Tesla is worth appreciating.

Raise the Red Lantern – Gong Li at her height.

Little Voice – Jane Horrocks!

In Bruges – maybe not for a re-watch but charming the first time.

Rounders – ‘cause, y’know, life’s a bad beat.

Europa – a rather tame but effective Lars von Trier.

Dr. Strangelove – Kubrick’s pretty much on every list.

Ghost World – where have you gone, Terry Zwigoff?

Sweet Smell of Success – a quintessential American movie—directed by a Scot.

The Coca-Cola Kid – Greta Scacchi at her height.

Contact – never mind the “faith” issue.

Being There – sure the book’s better but this list is about movies!

Midnight Run – DeNiro sometimes makes us laugh—see King of Comedy.

Mad Dog and Glory – genius Bill Murray.

Gun Shy – this (token) picture is added for list diversity.

Man on the Moon – actually, watch the Youtube vid of Kaufman doing Mighty Mouse instead.

The Master – yo Joaquin can act!

Dead Ringers – doppelganger deluxe. Ok, they’re twins but you get the idea.

The King of Comedy – ain’t life a joke?!

Ghost Town – Gervais makes it work. Barely.

Force of Evil – we like the look.

Map of the Human Heart – y’know, for your date night.

The Last Picture Show – that little speech by Johnson is worth the price of admission.

My Own Private Idaho – Gus Van Sant at his height. Don’t know why but I like it. 

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind – hey, who doesn’t like it.

Man Bites Dog – a movie with subtitles that Americans can love!

Syriana – it’s a drone eat drone world.

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