doctorsThe Hit House Donates $3000 to Doctors Without Borders on behalf of tiredant.com

Folks love to show off their latest purchases, talk about how they spend their money, as a way of conveying to the world their status and fiscal power, and for the most part people applaud their success. But brag about how much you donate to charity and a lot of people are put off. That’s the kind of culture we live in. We want to change that. Instead of blogging about new ice, new glass, new watch or what have you why not publicize how much we’re giving to worthy causes. Wealthy philanthropists do it, sure, but it shouldn’t be exclusive to the super rich. They already have all the advantages; they shouldn’t get this one too all to themselves. So we’re going to pat ourselves on the backā€”even if we didn’t fund this particular check. It’s in our name, we’ll take it. That is, give it away and take some credit. Big thanks to our fine friends at The Hit House which recently donated $3000 to Doctors Without Borders for tiredant.com. Here’s a picture to prove it. More on this later. Our goal is to reach $100,000 in charitable donations by Jan. 1, 2016. See our charities page to see whom we support and please help us if you’re so inclined.