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Under Appreciated Movies – 1

I would’ve made a list about books instead but who really reads these days?! Not me anyway. And this is a response of sorts to G.I.ant’s post. He got a few things right, like Miller’s Crossing, City of God and

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7 Films You Should See and See Again


So much—too much—of culture these days is disposable. Short attention spans are a terrible thing, yet they’re catered to by corporations and hacks who, admittedly, know how to make a buck. The late, great Roger Ebert once marveled at how a

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So You’re Offended by Urban Outfitters. But Will You Finally Put Your Money Where Your Indignance Is?


Urban Outfitters is a calculating, cowardly, conscienceless company. But you knew that. So the question is: why are you still giving them your money? Let’s be frank. You should have had the good taste to shop elsewhere on fashion principle a

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How and Where to Undercut Rape Culture?

Imagine that your wife or sister was gang-raped for hours on the back of a bus. Imagine that it was not only penises that were used to administer the torture but also metal rods. Imagine that the perpetrators pulled her

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Too Stupid to Breed? There Oughta Be a Law!

Because my homecolony doesn’t make the news much, when I hear the mention of Fullerton, CA, my antennae perk right up. Like a couple of weeks ago, when I heard a story about a married couple arrested after they parked

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Access Calories

I’ll eat anything because, y’know, I’m an ant. But humans, or the USDA, have a different standard. Last month the government gatekeeper of edible food (that is, anything fit for human consumption) told us* that in 2010 a full 31%

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Lost in the Middle East – Questioning the Status Quo

It sounds like a joke: Q: What do you get when you rule 3.5 million people and deny them the right to vote, to go where they please, and to adequate access to water; when you frequently destroy their homes so

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Are the Erasure of Truth and Sanctioned Electoral Lying Parts of the New World Order?

You need a scorecard to keep up with the flurry of dubious judicial decisions being handed down these days. But a couple from either side of the Atlantic that are particularly troubling for anyone who favors access to truth and

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Why Ants Never Pledge Allegiance (and Maybe You Shouldn’t, Either)

Ants don’t buy into symbolism. We can’t. Our language is chemical and purely functional. Does that lack of metaphor, etc., leave something to be desired in terms of our ability to conceptualize, to create art and the like? I admit

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A Redskin by Any Other Name…

In my little ant lifetime, I’ve never heard the term “redskin” used as a slur. Neither have you. Is anyone telling stories of being slurred as a “redskin”? I haven’t heard one. For several generations it seems the only use

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